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How to Choose Domestic Gas Heating for a Decorated House?-
How to Choose Domestic Gas Heating for a Decorated House?
Installing a heating system at home is the safest and most comfortable way of heating. Whether it is floor heating or radiator, not only can the room easily reach a comfortable temperature of 20℃, but the heat dissipation source is lower than the height of the human body, which will not cause the head to be hot and the feet to be cold. For rooms that have been renovated, the installation of radiators for heating can completely bid farewell to potential fire hazards. Instead of purchasing home heating in a small shop with inadequate qualifications at will, it's better to select it carefully. Ⅰ. Problems that need to be solved when installing heating in a decorated house 1. There is no place to install a radiator. The furniture and decoration have been fixed, and there are no suitable locations to install radiators in most rooms. If the radiator is installed upright, the appearance will be affected. And the heat will accumulate in the upper part of the room, which doesn't work. 2. The pipeline construction destroys the decoration. If the pipeline design is not ingenious, all are exposed, and the construction process is poor, which will cause a negative effect on the decoration. Third: Water seepage and air seepage in ordinary pipelines. If you use regular PPR hot-melt pipes and tap water aluminum-plastic pipes, water and gas will leak after some time, and pipes will burst.